Four Ways to Stay Relaxed and Drive Safe

Copart Germany - Relax While Driving

How to stay focused and calm during traffic jams: don’t let road rage ruin your day.

Driving can be a stressful experience. We all have those days where we quickly want to commute from point A to B, but then the worst thing happens: you get stuck in traffic. In addition, the car next to you might cut you off, or a driver in front of you slows down for no reason. Now your frustration builds up more and more and your stress level is at a peak. By the time you finally get home for dinner, your mood is at a low point. Are we all doomed to repeat this ordeal—is there anything that can help?

Copart has the answer for you. We found four helpful tips on how to stay relaxed and reduce stress levels while driving.

Count the Seconds

Here’s an old, but universal remedy: counting. Counting helps us take our minds off frustrating events and instead focus on the numbers. This can have a very calming effect. Every time you are at a stop light, simply count the seconds and soon you will realize that most traffic lights last less than a minute. If you repeat this exercise, your patience can improve and you might even feel more relaxed by the time you get home.

Listen to Your Favorite Audio Books or Podcasts

Similar to counting seconds, an audio book can take your mind off the stress around you. Do you remember when your parents read bedtime stories to you as a child? This habit doesn’t necessarily change once we grow up. Next time you’re in your car, have a selection of good podcasts or audio books and time will fly by. You may not even want to get out of your car by the time you get to your destination. Just stay safe and don’t fall asleep!

Practice Hand Yoga

Are you working in an office and typing hundreds of emails every day? Then this exercise is for you (as long as you remember to never take both hands off the wheel). You can try some hand yoga moves while you’re stopped in traffic by taking one hand off to the side and with every inhale roll your fingers into a fist. Then with every exhale stretch them wide-open. Repeat five times and then switch hands.

Another option when completely stopped is to reach your arms over the top of the steering wheel and stretch your arms out. Make a few circles with your wrist first clockwise and then counterclockwise to release all tension within your joints. Spread you finger wide on your steering wheel and put some light pressure on it to stretch out each finger. Repeat until it’s time to drive again! This will help to improve joint flexibility and increase your blood flow to keep yourself relaxed and focused for the rest of your drive.

Turn Up the Music

Listen to your favorite tunes and maybe even sing along. You’re in your car and nobody can hear you! This is a good space to practice letting go of frustrations and stress. Allow yourself to have some fun and maybe even add a few moves to it (but make sure to keep your feet and hands where they’re supposed to be). It’s a great way to release your frustrations.

Of course, there are many other practices you can use to stay calm and relaxed while driving. Just remember that getting frustrated doesn’t benefit anyone. Instead of allowing the stress to get to you, use the time in your car to practice mindfulness and patience which will result in a greater well-being. Releasing stress on our way home is one the best remedies to relax and stay positive. The next time a driver with a fancy BMW cuts you off, hopefully you won’t feel as frustrated.

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