What Are the Best Used Cars for Sale in Germany?

Ready to buy a used car? We made a list of the best used vehicles for sale in Germany.

There are hundreds of used vehicles for sale in Europe from cars to SUVS, but which are the best to purchase? We’ve compiled this list of the top European used cars and SUVs available in 2019 based on manufacturer.

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Volkswagen has been the top manufacturer of vehicles in Germany for years. The company’s family of brands makes it arguably the largest vehicle manufacturer on the planet, and year after year, Volkswagen customers report satisfaction with quality, reliability and safety.

Since its unveiling in 1974, the Volkswagen Golf has been a staple on roads around the world, symbolizing the balance between sport and practicality. The Golf has consistently been the most frequently sold vehicle in the German market for years. Given its abundance, quality and pedigree, we’ve given it the top spot in the used car list for Volkswagen.

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Most drivers consider Mercedes-Benz to be a step up in terms of driving performance as well as luxury. For that reason, it is currently the second-most popular car manufacturer in Germany. The top used Mercedes-Benz currently available is the C-Class sedan.

The Mercedes-Benz C-Class again finds the perfect blend between performance and practicality, and the availability of the car in multiple body styles, performance packages and even fuel types means the buyer can find a C-Class to fit their needs.

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With a history in motor sports and renowned popularity worldwide, BMW has solidified itself as a frontrunner in the luxury performance market alongside Mercedes-Benz and others. This top German manufacturer produces some of the most popular luxury vehicles in the world, but what is the best used BMW car currently available in Germany?

The BMW 1-series represents the common theme on this list of popular vehicles – the perfect mix of performance and practicality. The 1-series is a smaller, less expensive version of the manufacturer’s other popular models, the 3-series and 5-series. The 1-series comes in a variety of performance trims, body styles and fuel variants, and it continues to sell thousands of cars each year.

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Volkswagen-owned Audi provides yet another quality option for European motorists. The most common Audi on the road in Germany is also the contender for most sought-after used Audi model – the A4.

Introduced in the mid-90s, the Audi A4 has been a consistent option in the midrange luxury performance market. The A4 has been given praise for its high-quality interior but has sometimes been criticized for being slightly less exciting than its rivals on this list. Nevertheless, it is one of the most popular vehicles on the road in Germany, and thus it is an excellent used car to purchase in today’s market.

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