Make the Most of Online Vehicle Auctions With These Copart Features

Whether you are new to online vehicle auctions, or you purchase used or damaged vehicles using Copart frequently, these helpful and innovative features will allow you to find the vehicles you need quickly and easily.

Copart Germany has hundreds of used and damaged vehicles available in online auctions every day. If you need inventory for your automotive business, view Copart’s selection of vehicles today.

Vehicle Finder

Use Copart’s Vehicle Finder to search for exactly what you need. You can search for vehicles by year, make, model and more, or choose from Copart’s Featured and Specialty items. Once you get your results, you can also sort by make, model, year and damage type. You can even search for specific vehicles by VIN, Copart lot number or location. Copart’s Vehicle Finder makes it easy to find the used cars you need for your business.


Adding a vehicle to your Watchlist lets you keep track of the sale date, lot number, vehicle description and current bid of any vehicles on Copart’s website. When the status of a Watchlist vehicle changes, a notification is sent to you via email.

Saved Searches

If you regularly search for the same vehicles, use Copart’s Saved Search feature to quickly find the vehicles you need using the same search criteria. Once you’re logged in to your Copart account, save up to 20 vehicle inventory searches at a time. For added convenience and mobility, you can access your searches from any device. Here’s a helpful tip: Giving your saved searches custom names based on the search criteria will make your Copart experience quick and easy.

Auction Calendar

To find a detailed schedule of the list of online vehicle auctions happening across Germany, view the Auctions Calendar. Copart Germany hosts online auctions on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Click an auction in the Auction Calendar to view available inventory and to place your bids.

Copart Mobile App

If you use to search, bid, buy or take advantage of any of these other features, install the Copart Mobile App today. With the Copart Mobile App, the full Copart online vehicle auction experience is at your fingertips. Search, bid and buy vehicles, create Watchlists and Saved Searches, scan barcodes to get details for any vehicle. You can also make payments, receive notifications and so much more.

Help Center

Have a question about Copart’s online vehicle auctions? Visit the Help Center on to search the website for specific terms or phrases.

If you still aren’t finding what you’re looking for, Copart’s Support pages are full of information about auctions, registration, payment and more. Contact information for Copart Germany is also available if you wish to communicate with us directly.

Get Started

Ready to start bidding and buying in Copart’s online vehicle auctions? Register to be a Copart Germany Member today to start taking advantage of these features and more.

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