Strange and Funny European Driving Laws

Copart Germany compiled some of our favorite strange and funny driving laws to share with you. Whether you’re a world traveler, or just interested in driving in other countries, this list will open your eyes to different cultures.  

Europe consists of many different countries, cultures and regulations. Sometimes it can be quite confusing when driving from one country to another (or even within different regions). Does it always make sense? No. But it’s still interesting!

Driving Dirty

Some countries really care about the cleanliness of your car. A lot. Bulgaria and Russia are definitely on that list, as both countries have made it illegal to drive a dirty car. If you’re planning on driving there, it’s probably best if you get real familiar with where all of the car wash places are located. But if you’re driving through Switzerland on the way there, don’t forget that you are only allowed to wash your car on Sundays!

A Sobering Joy Ride

France is a popular tourist destination and has some beautiful places to explore. One of the things that draws people to France is their amazing wines. That might be the main reason why the law requires that any driver must carry their own breathalyzer. Even if you might not have to pay actual fines anymore, it is highly recommended to have one in your car—just in case. Therefore, next time you drive through France, make sure to add a breathalyzer to your packing list!

Your Car’s Winter Coat

Winter in Germany can be harsh, and snow can come out of the blue. That’s why the German government requires all drivers to put on their winter tires from October to March. This might seem strange, but it’s probably best not to complain too loudly about it—abusive language or derogatory gestures can lead to a fine!

Safety in Spain

There are a few interesting driving laws in Spain as well, including one about people with glasses. In Spain, if you wear glasses while driving, it is expected to have a second pair of glasses in your car for safety reasons. So, make sure you don’t accidentally step or lose your glasses. Otherwise, you might get stuck at home for a while. And to make things even more interesting, depending on the time of day, some cities in Spain require you to park on different sides of the road. Don’t forget your watch![1]

Don’t let these rules take away the thrill of driving in different countries. No matter if you’re driving to Copart Germany, Copart Spain, Copart UK, Copart Ireland and Copart Finland for business or pleasure, make sure you research a few traffic laws before you depart. Stay informed and keep up with the latest (and occasionally strange) driving laws.

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