Growth is Good

Growth is good. Copart has new locations

Whether it’s personal growth or growth in business, it’s always good to move in an upwards momentum. Copart Germany has grown quite a bit this year. Most recently, we celebrated the opening of two of our latest locations: Copart Berlin (Robert-Guthmann-Str. 20 in 15713 Königs Wusterhausen) and Copart Munich East (Hitzinger Wiesen 5, 94431 Pilsting).

Adding New Locations

Our new Copart locations are helping us increase the availability of auction vehicles across Germany. That means more people can gain access to used, salvage and clean title cars, trucks, SUVs and more. More importantly, Copart Germany’s new locations provide additional opportunities for people who wouldn’t necessarily have access to affordable vehicles to obtain one.

Making it Easy

Opening new locations means that Copart Germany Members will be able to take advantage of a larger selection of vehicles. Copart Chief Executive Officer, Jay Adair said it the best when he provided a quote for a recent press release “Thanks to our investment in land, technology, logistics, and people in the German market, as well as our unmatched global buyer base, we are well positioned to grow our business by providing strong auction returns and excellent service to our customers.“

Expanding Online

But Copart Germany’s ease of access doesn’t stop there. In addition to expanding our locations to provide you with easier local access, we are also continuing to innovate new and exciting ways for people to participate in our auctions. The Copart Mobile App (available for Android and Apple devices) allows Members to bid on the go and take advantage of the new facilities and their inventory. That means you can bid from anywhere to increase your chances of getting your dream vehicle.

See What’s in Stock

Registered buyers can find the vehicles they are looking for online or through the Copart Mobile App.

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