What to Know Prior to Bidding in an Online Car Auction

What to Know Prior to Bidding in an Online Vehicle Auction

Buyers looking for quality auto auctions have much to consider. But what should they look for? Let’s find out.

Those who have been searching for a specific car part or trying to find an affordable and used car have most likely come across car auctions. For some, online car auctions are affordable methods or obtaining desirable cars, Motorcycles and more at significantly reduced prices, but other may feel some hesitancy about bidding on something they have not seen in person. Fortunately, there is something those unfamiliar with car auctions can do prior to bidding in an online car auction: thorough research.

One would assume this would be common knowledge, but many people jump into the excitement of an online car auction without knowing the condition of the item they are bidding on. But how does one determine the condition accurately? Let’s find out.

Look for Additional Information

In addition to looking at the primary and secondary damage, those interested in auctions should see if there are any additional information offered, including the following:

  • Details concerning damage to the used car for sale
  • Delivery or pickup options
  • Included documentation
  • Specific Lot details

Essentially, interested bidders should look at listings very closely to ensure the listing will satisfy their expectations.

Look at Each Image Carefully

Most people are very visually motivated and often make purchasing decisions primarily based on what an item looks like. While there is nothing specifically wrong with that decision-making process, it’s best to look at any provided pictures very closely. If the listing only has one or two pictures, bidders won’t be able to form a good idea about the condition of the salvage car. While there is no “magic number” of images a listing should have, Copart Germany always includes ten pictures or more of a used car from multiple perspectives. That way, bidders can visualize the vehicle entirely (and see the inside as well).

Research Reviews and Testimonials

Finally, no purchasing decision should be made without doing research on the company itself. However, it’s important to recognize that while reviews will give you a good idea about the quality of a company, people tend to mostly leave reviews when they have a bad experience. Negative reviews do not necessarily mean buyers will have a bad experience, but a high number of negative reviews indicates that buyers should use caution when dealing with the company. An average rating is around 3-4 stars.

Those curious about quality salvage car auctions should see what Copart Germany has to offer. Make the most of Copart Germany’s online car auctions by using all of our features. More information can be found here.