Meet Andre Bredow, Copart Germany’s Yard Manager in Leipzig!

Copart introduces Andre Bredow - Yard Manager for our Leipzig Location

The role of a Yard Manager is not taken lightly—this title brings with it great responsibility and a steadfast commitment to our employees and Members. Copart Yard Managers are responsible for leading the yard staff to achieve their customer service goals and ensuring all Copart processes are implemented and followed for all yard functions. Yard Managers facilitate a unique Copart experience for our customers by implementing and maintaining Copart best practices. They are continuously challenged to uphold Copart quality and service expectations.

We asked Andre a few questions about his typical workday to help our Members get to know him, and to explain the importance of his role at Copart!

1. Describe your typical workday at Copart: 

I always start my morning by checking my mail. Afterwards, I check in Cobalt for updates on my yard’s important numbers like Awaiting Inventory and Awaiting Trip Confirmation. I also watch the Daily Walkthrough. Afterwards, [I drive over to the yard], while talking on the phone with the team leaders of the yards, or with our different departments (logistics, auction team, fleet etc.)

After arriving at the yard, I check the compliance of the processes, safety regulations and precautions, check the loaders and the yard. I talk to the yard staff, ask questions, and inform them of the latest news. At the end of the day, I drive home.

Copart Leipzig Location

2. Describe some of the interesting projects and tasks you were involved in: 

My first great project, besides working on a temporary yard, was helping to build up the Yard 5003 Leipzig. That was great, and I never knew the business that way before. Afterwards, we worked with RM’S (Paul, Gregor) on the processes of receiving, as well as for the in and out of the vehicles. I participated in the FQR for Germany, which our colleague Paul now regularly conducts at all German yards. 

Implementing the Loader app, or a new complaints program for the yards, was also an exciting project. At the moment, we are trying to integrate the disposition decentrally on the yard in Leipzig according to the UK model. 

3. What is the most challenging part of your job? 

I think the most challenging part is, and remains, the interaction with colleagues. Inspiring for innovation, new processes or changes is sometimes challenging. Also, meeting the growing demands of our customers is sometimes a unique challenge.

4. Which part of your work do you like most and why? 

My work is very diversified, as every day is different. I appreciate the great variety by visiting the different yards every day.

I am in the very privileged situation to be able and allowed to work anywhere. This makes my work even more flexible. That’s what I really appreciate about Copart. I can plan and implement most of my working week myself.

Next time you are visiting the yard at Leipzig, stop and say hello to Andre! Like all Copart managers, Andre is here to answer your questions and provide guidance to those new to the car auction process, as well as more experienced car buyers. We also encourage you to use our Copart Member services phone and email support for any questions you have throughout your buying experience.