Meet Anna Bleischwiz, Copart Germany’s Team Leader for Member Service and Auctions

Anna Bleichschwiz - Member Service Lead at Copart

The Member Service Team is the backbone of Copart Germany and through their service we can provide easy and efficient processes for customers. Anna and her team spend numerous hours speaking and listening to customers and Members, understanding their needs, solving their problems, and delivering the voice of Copart Germany. Each interaction is important and part of the Member journey that builds trust and creates lasting relationships.

We asked Anna a few questions about her typical workday and to learn more about her daily activities here at Copart Germany.

1. How long have you been with Copart?

In February 2016, when Copart was still relatively unknown in Germany, I started as a dealer manager for national and international customers. At that time, the number of all Copart employees could still be counted on one hand.

2. What is your job function?

As team leader of the dealer support and auction departments with 12 employees under my management, I have all the numbers and goals in mind, set up new processes or optimize the existing ones and support them. It is only through properly set up processes and the constant improvement of our system that we can offer our dealers the best possible service, from registration to the completion of the purchase.

3. How many employees does the Member Service Team have?

Copart Germany currently has seven highly qualified and service-oriented Member Service Employees who are available to customers from all over the world every day by phone, email and WhatsApp in several languages.

4. What are the tasks of the Member Service team?

We take care of our buyers and those who want to become one. The tasks include answering all important questions regarding registration, Membership and our auction platform. We also activate new customers after checking all documents and support them for a smooth purchase process.

5. How many languages ​​are represented in the Copart Member Service team?

We have ten different languages: German, English, Polish, Romanian, Russian, French, Italian, Spanish, Latvian and Ukrainian. However, two team Members alone (Cristina C. and Ana I.) speak about 6 languages each!

6. At what times can the Member Service be reached?

We are available Mon – Fri, 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. by phone, email or WhatsApp.

7. Which questions do you answer every day?

Many different questions are addressed to us—that is what makes our work so varied and exciting!

The most frequent questions include: „How can I become a Member and what do I have to do for it?“, „What costs and fees do I have to pay when registering and buying vehicles?“, and „What payment methods do you offer?“

8. What does your typical workday look like?

As in any company, the day starts with a cup of coffee and preparation for the day: start systems, check calendars and to-do lists. On time at 8:30 a.m., everyone is at their seats in the modern office in Düsseldorf or in their home office.

Every day is determined by our customers and their concerns.

– Receiving phone calls (call center)

– Process customer concerns as quickly as possible

– Approval of documents from new customers

– Activate accounts after payment of the Membership fee

– Welcome new customers and answer open questions

– Maintain customer relationships

– Support the other departments with translations and language skills

9. What do you enjoy most in your daily work?

Every day is very different. You never know who’s going to call next, how the conversation will go and what will happen afterwards. That’s what makes it so exciting! The gratitude of our customers, if we were able to solve their problems can be very satisfying for service-oriented people like us.

And most importantly: the working atmosphere. If the working atmosphere in the team is right, every job is fun!

10. What are the biggest challenges?

We have a lot of wonderful customers with whom we can laugh together. But there are also others who direct their anger at us, if the process did not go smoothly. Not letting these conversations get to you is sometimes a very big challenge.

Since Copart Germany is still growing and some processes and systems are still in the development phase, it makes work more complicated in some places. In order to process even more vehicles and to be able to offer our customers the best possible registration, bidding and buying process, we all work very hard every day! I am happy to be part of this growing business and to support Copart Germany in this development.

Next time you give our Member Service Team a call, say “Hello” to Anna (or another Team Member) and they will be happy to answer any questions you may have! We also encourage you to check out our FAQ pages for more information on how to bid on, buy and pick up vehicles at Copart Germany.

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