How to Rebuild a Salvage Car


Have you ever wondered what happens to Copart cars after the auction is over? Get some inspiration for your next rebuild and learn what it takes to fix accident cars from Copart Germany.

1. Stay Informed

Copart Germany receives salvage vehicles from fleet managers and insurance companies, so there are many different types of damage you need to understand before making a buying decision. Some vehicles might have been in an accident, suffered flood or hail damage or have been stolen and later recovered. Make sure to check Copart Germany’s Glossary of Terms to understand the different damage levels.

Usually the insurance company will calculate how much it costs to repair the vehicle. If the repair cost exceeds the value of the car, they will simply write it off. The car owner would then receive an offer from the insurance company that is equivalent to the residual value. The next steps are up to the insurance company. If the car is a complete wreck, it could just end up at a junkyard, or the insurance company will offer a “salvage title” and sell it in Copart online auctions.

Once it’s at Copart Germany, we put it up for auction so that Copart Members can start bidding on it. That’s when Copart Members can start bidding on it.

2. Calculate Repair Costs

Before you start your rebuild project, you should think about how big your budget is. Before Stanislav bid on his 2019 Tesla Model 3, he calculated how much it would cost him to fix it. Likewise, you should also consider how expensive different parts are and how easy it is to get these parts. According to Stanislav, finding the right Tesla parts was the biggest challenge because they are not easily available in Europe.

Many Copart Germany Members are able to keep the repair costs low and sell a rebuild project for a great return, but this all depends on the extent of the damage and repair costs. Some good advice is to always keep all the paperwork associated with your rebuild. This includes receipts of new parts or any other additional replacements that are done. 

3. Get Your Vehicle Inspected

However, before you start rebuilding a used or damaged car, please check with the “Technical Inspection Association” and make sure you’re aware of all the vehicle inspection regulations that can vary within Europe. The German “TÜV “will ensure that your vehicle is inspected and safe for travel. Both road safety and environmental impacts are important to consider.

Some of these regulations can be more cost-intensive than other, so it’s a good idea to be aware of them before you start ordering replacement parts. Once you have finished your repairs, schedule an appointment with a TÜV-certified shop near you for an inspection. The price can vary based on your inspector.

To carry out the process, you must obtain a certificate of conformity. This is nothing more than a document that certifies that your vehicle meets all the safety and regulatory requirements of the European Union. If you do not have one, or you did not know about the existence of this document, in the same workshop where you are going to do the technical inspection, they will provide you with one.

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4. Final Steps

Once your inspection is approved, you will receive the documents that are needed to get your car registered and insured so you can drive it. Finding an insurance company that is willing to provide coverage to a rebuilt salvage car is not always easy, but getting your car insured will protect your investment and all the work you put into rebuilding the vehicle.

To find more information on how to register your car or get insurance papers, visit the official EU website

Copart offers a variety of used and damaged cars that are worth being rebuilt. Don’t wait too long to begin your project. Get started by following three easy steps:

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