How do you get your car winter ready?

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The cold season is just around the corner and in some parts of Germany the snow has already got a grip on us. So what should you do to ensure that your beloved car gets through the winter well? Copart Germany has put together a few good tips for you.

Winter Tires

While a few drivers already switched to winter tires, you can still see some summer tires mounted on many vehicles. Therefore, our first advice is to get safe winter tires with enough profile. The tires should be replaced with new ones after 7 years at the latest, even if they still have sufficient profile – at least 4mm. You can recognize the age of the tire by the so-called DOT number. However, each manufacturer has its own system of labeling. Check out some tires at our partner location in Finland.

Battery Check

Now that you learned about the right winter wheels on your vehicle, you should take a look at the power supply for your vehicle. A discharged battery is one of the most common reasons for a vehicle does not start. Over the years, the battery loses its capacity and is increasingly sensitive to low temperatures. Most workshops offer a battery check at a low price. Thus, play it safe here. It’s also recommended to always keep a jumper cable with you.


Always have a clear view! Frequently wet and dirty roads cause a lot of dirt to land on your vehicle and impair the view through the windshield. Now you want to clean the window with the washer fluid, but nothing happens ?! Follow our next tip and fill your washer fluid tank with sufficient antifreeze. There are premixed solutions or you can get a concentrate that you have to mix together according to the manufacturer’s instructions. In this way you prevent the washer fluid from freezing and always have a clear view during snow storms.

Windshield Wipers

Well-functioning windscreen wipers naturally go hand in hand with liquid washer fluid. These tend to wear out and have to be replaced regularly. The easiest way is to test your – now hopefully ice-free – wiper water system and see how thoroughly the windshield wipers remove the water from the windshield. If there are streaks, dirt residue or even water residue that obstruct your view, then it’s time for a set of new wiper blades. To extend the life of your new wiper blades, you should make sure that you first carefully remove the ice from a frozen windscreen and that you do not immediately start using it. It can happen here that the frozen wiper can be damaged by suddenly being pulled away.

Lighting System

Since you can see properly now, next step is to ensure that you are also seen by others. It is therefore essential to check your lighting system. In modern cars, you will receive an automatic message in the on-board computer, which informs you of a non-working light source. If you have a vehicle without an on-board computer, what we all learned in the driving school helps: switch on all lights including hazard warning lights and any fog lights, get out and walk around the vehicle yourself and carry out a visual inspection. Are all lights intact? Very good! If not, many workshops even change the bulbs free of charge when buying a new one.

Door Seals

Particularly important for vehicles that are at least 3 years old: grease your door seals. The rubbers are also very sensitive to cold and if moisture comes into play, they break very quickly and are no longer able to do their job. But here’s the good news: just get yourself a care stick with which you can grease the seals. The same functionality as lip care – by the way, many products can be used here for both purposes.

Headlight Cleaning

Do you have a vehicle with halogen headlights? Then in most cases you don’t have a headlight cleaning system. So regularly check the cleaning status of your headlights – just like your windshield, a lot of dirt ends up here and prevents sufficient illumination of the road.

Snow Chains

Vehicles without four-wheel drive should definitely have a couple of snow chains in the trunk. These increase the grip of the tires enormously on heavily snow-covered roads. It’s best to use ATV vehicles to be even safer on the road. Copart has a huge selection of ATVs that can be found here.

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Do you have any other tips and tricks for the winter season? Let us know!