Fast vehicle handling in flood areas

The car – not as elementary a part of life as the apartment or the house, but often more than just a method of transportation. After all, many of us have an emotional attachment to the very first car, the faithful companion of life or the 18th birthday present.

But what if this vehicle is suddenly taken away from you, and perhaps not only that, but also all your belongings?

Many victims of the flood disasters this summer have experienced exactly this loss. And in addition to the financial damage, which is unbearable for many, there is also the emotional burden and existential fears. The fact that you still have to worry about the whereabouts of your broken car doesn’t make it any better, because in such a situation you literally have other worries.

This makes it all the more important to get support from friends, family and other volunteers during this time. In addition, car insurers and online vehicle marketers such as HUK Coburg and Copart have also responded immediately to provide rapid assistance to the injured parties:

At short notice, inspection sites were set up near the flood areas in order to be able to handle the flooded vehicles promptly. As most of the vehicles were no longer roadworthy due to the water damage, Copart subcontractors took over delivery to the Copart sales locations. Here, the vehicles were now inspected by DEKRA experts and the residual value and replacement value of the vehicles were determined.
„The appraisers have written most of the vehicles to total losses, because the risk of subsequent damage is simply too high and unpredictable. Maybe in 2 years a contact rusts, causing a fault with the airbag or something, then the expert would be liable,“ said a Copart employee on site.

Copart Sales Yard

And what does the policyholder do if the car is declared a total loss?

In dieseIn this case, the customer now has the choice of remarketing the vehicle himself or selling it directly to Copart for the replacement value. Most customers agreed directly to the sale to Copart and were ultimately very happy with it.

„The purchase was super uncomplicated and Copart took care of the deregistration and all the formalities for me. So at least I didn’t have to worry about my vehicle anymore“.

says a policyholder relieved.

„We have experienced many fates, it went from affected people whose vehicles only got slightly wet to those who really lost everything. It was also not uncommon for customers to shed a few tears because of the vehicle. One policyholder got a SUV from her husband for their wedding – quite a recent, rare and expensive model – she really cried a lot when she had to give the car away,“ reports Oliver Schumacher, Online Marketing Manager at Copart. Like many other employees of the online vehicle marketer, he is already on site for the third week, putting his actual work on the back burner to assist with receiving and processing the vehicles.

The Copart Team on site including Kai Siersleben, Managing Director of Copart Deutschland GmbH (middle).

„The team spirit and commitment of our employees during this time is great. We are glad that we can support the flood victims at least a little.“

Kai Siersleben, Managing Director of Copart Deutschland GmbH

Of course, everyone involved hopes that such floods will never happen again and that the people affected can breathe a little easier.

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