Copart MakeOver – We are rebuilding a BMW M240i!

BMW M240i

Who’s up for a project with an accident vehicle? We do!

It starts with a BMW M240i, we found it in our Copart inventory and thought: let’s rebuild it ourselves!

We recorded the whole project on video and publish it on our YouTube channel every Wednesday and Sunday at 19:30. Feel free to check it out!

Part 1: Buying a salvage car at Copart

No sooner said than done. The vehicle was delivered to the site in Dortmund and we took a look at it. At first, everything looked like relatively manageable front-end damage. After all, we don’t want to mess up right at the first attempt. 

This gave us, as employees, a chance to try out how a yard visit and vehicle collection works. We registered at the entrance, received one of the mandatory high-visibility vests and were then allowed to move freely around the marketing area. After a short search, we found our BMW and took a close look right away. The vehicle was declared as „Run and Drive“. This means that the engine is running and also a gear can be engaged and the car can be made to roll or drive.

BMW M240i Frontschaden – So kam er an.

What awaited us?

It wasn’t quite that easy after all, as the battery was discharged and we had to bypass it. But that was no problem either, as our employees are equipped with many devices for such cases, such as a battery booster. 

When the vehicle was bridged and the engine was running, we were very happy – so we didn’t have to worry about the engine.

As I said, the M240i looked like it had manageable front-end damage. We took photos, shot a few videos for our YouTube story and were then able to take the car home. So off we went on the trailer and to the workshop.

We look forward to see you in Part 2!