Copart MakeOver – What’s going on with our BMW M240i?

So after we found our vehicle, it was time for collection. One advantage of Copart is that with our 11 marketing locations in Germany, we are always somewhere close by. Our BMW M240i was originally parked at the yard in Giessen near Frankfurt, which would have meant about a two-and-a-half hour drive from us. In principle, I’m a fan of road trips, but since it’s not really nice in winter to drive long distances over the Sauerland line with the closed bridge near Lüdenscheid, we agreed to have the vehicle brought to Bochum on a yard-to-yard transfer by one of our trucks. Since our logistics fleet is on the road all over Germany every day anyway, it was easy to schedule this transfer on one of the tours we were doing anyway.

We recorded the whole project on video and publish it on our YouTube channel every Wednesday and Sunday at 19:30. Feel free to check it out!

Part 2: Picking up and a closer look

It’s only a 35-minute drive from our garage to Bochum, so we set off straight after the delivery of the 2 Series in the Ruhr region and took our first look at the vehicle. It’s not easy for me to talk about love at first sight in this context, as I’ve had virtually no contact with the BMW brand in my automotive past. Nevertheless, there was a spark right away. And it sparked a second time when we had to bridge the empty battery. Fortunately, our marketing places are equipped with all the technical aids, so we were able to quickly bring our white coupé to life.

The first visual inspection went very well, we inspected the damage, drew up an approximate list of the parts to be replaced and were then able to load the car straight away. Due to the high traffic volume in the Ruhr area, it took us about an hour to drive back and we were then able to store the car with our friend Robert Marx from the company Marx Performance in the workshop of the same company.

BMW M240i in our workshop.

What awaited us?

It wasn’t quite that easy after all, as the battery was discharged and we had to bypass it. But that was no problem either, as our employees are equipped with many devices for such cases, such as a battery booster. In the workshop we put the car on a scissor lift, jacked it up and took a close look at the damaged front of the Bavarian in a well-lit and warm workshop. At first glance, we thought it was a quick and easy repair, with „only“ parts to replace, and we could quickly get the white lightning back on the road.

As it turns out, we were massively wrong with this assessment …

We look forward to see you in Part 3!