Copart MakeOver – Engine removal and Bodywork

After a minor setback in the last part, we have renewed our energy and come up with a plan to solve the problem that arose.

As a reminder, there was a deformation on the frame that needed to be repaired. The work could have been done on a straightening bench, but BMW has made its specifications in such a way that the deformed part has to be sawn out and a new one welded in. In order to have this work done perfectly, we handed it over. I myself am not a trained motor vehicle mechatronics technician and am not familiar with welding work. So the Marx-Performance company took on the job, dismantled the engine and completed the work to be done with an incomparable result.

We recorded the whole project on video and publish it on our YouTube channel every Wednesday and Sunday at 19:30. Feel free to check it out!

Part 5: We need help!

As we were in the middle of the Omikron wave at the time of the work, parts of the team were affected by illness and we had to let the work rest for a fortnight. But that was not a problem either. In the meantime we did other things which you will see in further parts.

Summary: Engine out, bent part sawed out, new part welded in, engine back in.

We hope you enjoyed this part as well and look forward to you continuing to follow us!

We look forward to see you in Part 6!