Copart and VKB Partner to Improve the Insurance Claims Process

Copart Germany Partnership with Versicherungskammer Bayern

Copart Germany started a partnership with Versicherungskammer (VKB) in January 2020.

This new partnership will aim to improve the automotive claim processes and help consumers get a better return on accident vehicles that are insured through VKB.

Kai Siersleben, Florian Stumm, Andreas Vogt, Jochen Kohlmann, Chris Norris

Full-Service by Copart for VKB

Copart Germany is a global online auto auction company for salvage vehicles with 35 years of experience, 7.000 employees worldwide in over 200 locations and 11 countries. Copart Germany was established in Germany in 2016. This unique business model offers full-service solutions for its customers. Copart not only picks up damaged vehicles, they also store them and then sell those vehicles in weekly nationwide auto auctions on

Through the partnership with VKB, Copart Germany now directly sells accident and damaged vehicles for the consumer if they are insured through VKB. This means if the consumer has an accident, they don’t have to worry about selling the vehicle on their own—Copart will take care of it.

A win-win partnership

This partnership enables VKB to be a pioneer in the German automotive claims market. Thanks to Copart’s core business (selling salvage vehicles via live online auctions), consumers can now easily and comfortably sell their cars. The insurance company benefits because they receive the residual value while the entire repurchase value of the respective vehicle is collected by VKB and sent to the customer—a winning situation for all!

What comes next?

Both Copart and VKB are very enthusiastic about this partnership. They now pioneering this market by highly improving processes which leads to higher consumer satisfaction. Before, old processes could be very frustrating due to high costs and the low residual value of total loss vehicles.

For example, if a vehicle with a comprehensive insurance policy is a total loss, the claims process can be improved by 56% with this new setup. This partnership follows the theme “Fair for the consumer and economically valuable for the business,” and it has a lot of potential in the future as well.

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